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aka Daniel Aktas

Thesis II Outline

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Organizing my thoughts in bullet form in preparation for thesis narrative.


  • Toy culture. Designer toys.

  • Technology Concepts. Changing more quickly than laws and culture can adapt.

  • Transition. The kids that play with my technology toys will be the adults who live with the outcome of the same technologies.

  • Presentation. Objects of interaction.

  • Visual DJ. Mixing objects, half played with and half not.

  • Explain like I’m five. The ability to simplify a message/ the ability to relate a message to a five year old makes the idea accessible AND completely understood by teacher.

  • Technology Forms. Objects I make, visually stepped from 3d printing, reference real objects built naturalistically.

  • Toy Forms. Objects I appropriate, reference abstract characteristics built whimsically.

  • Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland. Used youthful nonsense for political satire.

  • Color. Using children’s color concepts, opposite colors draw the most attention, two colors will be used to differeate whimsical and naturalistic elements.

  • Appropriation. Selection is a form of making. Is curating a museum exhibit not a legitimate form of creation.

  • Carpet. Aspect of play time. Forming a visual narration.

  • Wood. Reference adult material. Continuation of adult and child conflict.

  • Exhibition Table. Wood structures based on the atlantic ocean, north america, europe, and africa. Each a table that fits together and inlayed with carpet. [Link to Map]

    • Atlantic ocean. Home of USS Bush

    • North America. Home of Westernization and new technology.

  • Emerging Technologies. Affecting the future. [Link to Wikipedia Article]

  • Personal Perspective. Technology is enhancing our life, the only way to move is forward. Technology is growing faster than culture can accept it. Cultures are always sceptical of new technology ie the watch, wearing the time was considered unnatural at one time. The only way for culture to catch up to technology is to keep talking about it.

  • Toy Concepts

    • Drones and USS Bush

    • GM Foods

    • Big Data

    • E Textiles

One thought on “Thesis II Outline

  1. OK. So I just caught your “Explain like I’m five” approach. I maintain that I can understand ideas at least a 6 year old level. Thank you very much.


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