Daniel SanGiacomo

aka Daniel Aktas

CMYK triaxial


Last semester in ceramic sculpture class I was working on a project that lead me to working with mixing primary color stains.

Having research the available mason stains i have found that the three below turquoise 6364, canary yellow 6410, crimson red 6004, and onyx black offer the most pure pigments in the context of the cmyk color spectrum.

Next i will mix them in a triaxial of my tested base glaze.

2 thoughts on “CMYK triaxial

  1. And you should talk to Megan about the Mason color chart and what she learned about mixing. You may know that they have stopped producing many colors and provide information on their website on how they blend some of their existing colors in order to achieve the colors that it is no longer cost effective for them to produce.
    This information certain has the potential to help you make decisions on how to proceed.


  2. I always appreciate how far you research each item that you use. It’s awesome that you have a good knowledge of how each color will satisfy your specific use for it. These are also fresh, but still say “children’s colors.”


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