Daniel SanGiacomo

aka Daniel Aktas

Glaze Chemistry Time!

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The three colors I have picked after two rounds of testing to use in my second color triaxial. They offer the most saturated colors at cone six.

A list the base glazes i had tested from last semester. I had found that the cypress and master glaze 1 showed the colors the best and furthermore cypress base showed blacks the best.


IMG_3210 IMG_3213 IMG_3214

Pictures of my first triaxial using cyan, magenta, and yellow based off of the color samples i found online. I concluded that the magenta (crimson  mason stain) burnt out at cone six and the cyan (turquoise mason stain) would require to many more steps to arrive at the vivd blue color I am looking for.


Using the bucket of premixed cypress glaze base i used 200 grams of liquid base to 10 grams of mason stain. During my initial mixing of the base glaze i added precisely 75 grams of water to 100 grams of powder glaze material and therefore 175 grams of liquid glaze would be worth 100 grams of dry powder glaze material. Using just a little bit more 200 grams of liquid glaze amounts to about 8% mason stain for dry weight, the preferred mason stain saturation addition.


After my failed triaxial (my red had burned out) I tested more primary colors that were present in the stain room.

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