Daniel SanGiacomo

aka Daniel Aktas

Thesis Statement Version 2.4

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Daniel SanGiacomo
Thesis 2.4
Artist Statement

Pushing forward exponentially our advances in technology are no longer keeping up with our cultures ability to adapt to it. Technological advances are at best worthless to a culture unwilling to consider their benefits and therefore need to be talked about, debated over, and visible to each age group of our society. Most impactful to these emerging technologies are the children who will in their maturity decide the fate of these technologies within our society. Emerging within our culture today are advances in unmanned vehicle systems, genetically engineered plant life, wearable electronics, and the mass collection of personal data.

To remedy our cultures tardiness in the age of technology I have constructed social technological objects in ceramic that will foster conversation through the mashup of its tensional forms, coloring, and materiality. Engaging adults and children alike my work uses naturalistic representations of technologies juxtaposed against whimsically rendered forms. The drone toy in my work exemplifies this methodology where the body of the object is a based on a real life X-47B unmanned air force aircraft and its accompanying parts such as its landing gear and computer systems are represented with bird heads and bee wings. Reinforcing the tension of the work I use opposing color pairings commonly used in children’s toys. The drone forms in my work use the yellow and purple pairing and serves to seperate the naturalistic and whimsical forms on the piece. Finally the materialiy of the ceramic itself and the carpet the objects are exhibited on call out to the opposing characteristics of precious adult objects and tactile youth objects. Working in this format of mashups, tension, technology and toys I encourage the discussion of our emerging technologies in hopes we will choose to adopt or discard its properties and not suffer from inaction.

Hook… Exponentially
Thesis sentence… Technology needs to be talked, debated, seen
Detail to Thesis. Specific to Children
List of toy topics.
Topic sentence. I will solve this with my work that inspires conversation.
Conversation through tensional form combination
Conversation through tensional color combination
Conversation through tensional context combination
Closing sentence.

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