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Update Thesis Outline and Titles


Daniel SanGiacomo

Thesis II Outline


Show Title: Toys and Technology: A Study of Contemporary Advances and Innovation

Object Titles: Option 1 – General category names

Transportation Toys

Agriculture Toys

Information Toys

Dress Toy

Object Titles: Option 2 – Specific opinion news article derived names

X47-B Landing

Golden Rice

Big Data Frontier

Wearable Technology


Thesis II Outline

  1. Technology

    1. Effects multiple areas of life. Transportation, Agriculture, Information Privacy, and Dress.

    2. Adopted and implemented faster than laws and culture to adapt.

    3. Emerging Technologies. Affecting the future. [Link to Wikipedia Article]

  2. Toys

    1. Toys. Childs play is used as practice for adult behavior.

    2. Appropriation.

      1. Using molds from existing and current toys to talk about current technologies

      2. Selection is a form of making. Is curating a museum exhibit not a legitimate form of creation.

  3. Combined Technology and Toys

    1. The children of our generation will be faced with the decisions of current infant technologies.

    2. Alice in Wonderland. Re Contextualising the serious and complex subjects using playful and didactic metaphors

    3. Explain like I’m five. The ability to simplify a message/ the ability to relate a message to a five year old makes the idea accessible AND completely understood by teacher. [Link to Video]

    4. Display Structure. Continuation of serious and play through materiality of wood and carpet, fine woodworking and blocky kids furniture shape.

      1. Based on geographic areas relating to each piece. [Link to Map]

      2. Atlantic ocean = Drones. Home of USS Bush

      3. Africa = GM Food. Benefit the most from enhanced crops.

      4. North America = Big Data. Major computing and business interest.

      5. Europe = Wearable Technology. Fashion Industry

    5. Color. Using children’s color concepts, opposite colors draw the most attention. [Link to image]

  4. Specific Technologies

    1. Drones. First Ever Unmanned Arrested Landing

      1. X-47B Makes First Arrested Landing at Sea [Link to Navy]

      2. X47B Unmanned Navy Drone Successfully Lands On Aircraft Carrier For First Time [Link to Huffington Post]

        1. a computer program perform one of the most difficult tasks a pilot is asked to do.

    2. GM Food. Potential For The Biggest Impact On World Poverty

      1. Golden Rice: Lifesaver? [Link to New York Times]

        1. This technology can save lives but false fears can destroy it

      2. Genetically modified crops should be part of Africa’s food future [Link to Washington Post]

        1. help battle pests and diseases, improve nutrition and reduce the use of water and chemicals, all of which would benefit farmers and their families

    3. Big Data

      1. How Target Figured Out A Teen Girl Was Pregnant Before Her Father Did [Link to Forbes]

      2. Big data: The next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity [Link to Mckinsey]

      3. What Is ‘Big Data,’ Anyway? [Link to Forbes]

        1. every day, three times per second, we produce the equivalent of the amount of data that the Library of Congress has in its entire collection

    4. Wearable Technology

      1. Google glasses walk the DVF runway at Fashion Week [Link to NYDaily News]

      2. Tracking Body metrics [Link to Wearable Technologies Website]

  5. Ceramic Technical Information

    1. Slip Cast Clay Body

    2. Glaze

      1. Glaze Base

      2. Colorant Additions

4 thoughts on “Update Thesis Outline and Titles

  1. Not sure about how i should title the pieces. Any preference?


  2. I think that the second list is clearly more poetic in the context of your references. But the show title should be a bit more pithy.


  3. You need a section that synthesizes headings 1-4, i.e. a conclusion about the work in the context of the specific technologies and what you are having the work say (Section 5= conclusion; section 6=technical information).


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