Daniel SanGiacomo

aka Daniel Aktas

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Ideas for Engaging the Community

  • Public display. Post-its. Subway therapy.
  • Bowls project
  • Murals/ signs
  • Plays and backdrops
  • Bring in local artists
  • Museum Visit
  • Photography. Walking Tours
  • Public service
  • Community Garden. (EARTH SCHOOL)
  • Team teaching (parent and local artists)
  • Invite people into your classroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Working with students outside classroom!
    • Teachers arrange a chance to switch classes for a day
    • Having older students teach younger students
    • Students teach adults or seniors in the community
  • Mix up spaces that don’t show art
    • Puts up information about your school and your program!!!!
  • Offering workshops. (Sometimes you can get paid for this)
    • Teach parents what students are already doing
    • Teach faculty
    • Teach students not in your class
    • One day workshops

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