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Lessig’s video about creativity, culture, and law was Awesome! I appreciated his explanation of read-write culture vs read-only culture. In my elementary school placement this past semester I worked with a S.T.E.A.M. teacher who felt it was necessary to introduce students as young as possible to the S.T.E.A.M. curriculum. Keywords like “makers”, “tinkering”, and “exploration” were present in almost every lesson and all worked to encourage the students to be active creators. At my this placement I saw the encouragement for students to try new things, to experiment, and to solve problems. I loved watching the students try to create drawing machines with legos or make a dog leash that would set off an alarm if the leash detached using wires and circuits. In both cases the students were not consumers of ideas or objects but active creators! I think S.T.E.A.M. like art has the opportunity to encourage students to be creators of culture.

The Ted talk by Lessig also brought up the topic of “top down” culture. Attached is a link by the Nerwritter1 to a youtube video called ‘How Stories Control Our Economic Reality’ https://youtu.be/exdR6lhN4bk?list=PL6xKqgA7bj6mDXH1KSwbIeyIyLJDiZBdy . In the video, the author outlines the origin and application of what has been considered a sound economic strategy, ‘trickle down economics’. In a nutshell, the concept reads that by allowing the richest segment of Americans tax breaks and greater wealth they will invest their monetary surplus into the economy and thereby drive/ power the economy. Nerdwritter1 critiques the ‘trickle down economy’ story as a system that convinces the majority of Americans that the solution to sustaining an economy is the exploitation of the lower and middle class. Nonetheless, this story has taken root and continues to be told by those in power down to those who do not have power. I see the power to change this inequality in the same way that S.T.E.A.M. is taught to 3rd graders By encouraging people to be creators of stories and not passive consumers.

Reading Response Week 02

Read Astra Taylor The People’s Platform (Intro + Chapter 1).

Watch Larry Lessig’s ‘How Creativity is being Strangled by the Law’. http://www.ted.com/talks/larry_lessig_says_the_law_is_strangling_creativity.html


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