Daniel SanGiacomo

aka Daniel Aktas

Tinfoil Gameboard, Makey Makey, and Scratch Resources

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Resources for Tinfoil Game Board using a MakeyMakey and Scratch

I started this project with my classmate M Palladino for our NYU board game design class. We set out to create a game that you could play blind. Our first version of this project used a (relatively) simple circuit board cut on a vinyl cutter with tinfoil and used scratch for the programming. Our final version of this project ended up using a very complicated circuit board and the Unity gaming program instead of scratch. Although our final version went into a different direction we wanted to share the resources from the first version of the project.

Video of Sample Game Play

Game Board Plexi Cover

Doubleblind Game Plexi Version 1 Screenshot

Link to Adobe Illustrator file (.ai) for Plexi Cover using a Laser Cutter

Game Board Tinfoil Circuits

Doubeblind Game Circuts Version 1 Screenshot

Doubleblind Game Circuts Map

Link to Adobe Illustrator (.ai) file for Tinfoil Circuits using a Vinyl Cutter

Link to Rhino3D file (.3dm) for Cover and Circuits

Scratch Programming

DoubleBlind Game Board Version 1 Scratch Program Screenshot

Link to web browser Scrach Programming

Link to Downloadable Scratch file (.sb2) Program

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