Daniel SanGiacomo

aka Daniel Aktas

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New Thesis Statement

I read the artist statement section of the Artist Guide book by Jackie Battenfield, recommended by my Ceramic professor Bryan.

Here are the notes I took from the reading and my new artist statement.

  • provide info about sources, ideas, inspiration
  • process and answer questions
  • not too general or theoretical
  • answering audiences questions beautifully
  • link viewer to artist
  • where ideas came from or describe working process
  • FLOW
  • ask my self questions about work to be ansered


“Playtime comes very easy to me, I simply offer control to my hands and watch them build, examine, or animate the objects they come into contact with. As children our hands perform these exercises to practice interacting and becoming familiar with objects for life as adults. My work presents new toy forms constructed through my investigation of emerging innovations in the mass collection of data, unmanned vehicles, agriculture, and wearable technology. These technologies have the greatest potential to modify how we share, travel, eat, and dress with the world tomorrow.”