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How to see art? and VTS

The first video is a little dated but its still relevant. It shows young elementary students at the end talking about art and making their own observations and relating what they see to their own experiences. I see this as so important to promoting critical thinking in students.

The second video is from the website http://www.vtshome.org/what-is-vts and speaks is a method of talking about art that is student centered. Working in this format moves away from seeing the teacher as the sole keep of knowledge and asks students to be active and engaged observers of the world.

Jump to 22 minutes and 5 seconds.

Introduction to VTS from Visual Thinking Strategies on Vimeo.

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Name as many artists as possible!

This is a version of a reflective teacher practice I did in my Contemporary Art and Pedagogy class. For this activity

  1. For this activity, I ask myself or another art teacher to name as many artists as possible in 5 minutes.
  2. When time is up we take a look at the types of artists and ask
    1. How many are woman?
    2. How many are black?
    3. How many are not white European?
    4. How many work collaboratively?
    5. How many are living?

When I did this activity myself I realized my understand of art was largely dead, white, European, and painters. This activity continually shapes my decisions for selecting artists to show to students so that I can make the point that art is made by all people.